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A Little Bit About Me

Hey Y'all.

 I just want to start by saying WELCOME and THANK YOU for stopping by.

If you didn't know I am a singer and a songwriter.  I spent my first few years as a musician based out of Chicago; but was born and raised in North Carolina.

(Shout out to Petey Pablo for giving us the best state anthem ever)

At times I find it hard to classify my music but I draw a lot of my influences from country, rock, & soul.

(If you like Dolly Parton, Etta James, and Johnny Cash I think we'll get along just fine). 

Like many things in my life, I started out with music a little later than many.

Growing up in the south, in a family full of church folk, that’s naturally where I got my start. But it wasn't until 2015, after college and years of working as an actor, that I discovered a passion for creating music of my own. 

(Guess I finally listened to that nagging voice in my head,

bought me a second hand guitar,

and decided to give music a genuine try.)

Now, fast forward past many many open mics and even my little 15 min sets at Underground Wonder Bar

(Thanks Katie!)

And we find ourselves here.

Over time it has been my absolute pleasure to share my music and my journey with you all and I hope you continue to join me even further down this road.

Peace, Love, & Cheers